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Years ago my daughters and I made the decision to "go natural" and embrace our natural hair free of relaxers and chemicals On this journey we also decided to find natural alternatives to care for our skin as well.  This happened when one day I decided to pay closer attention to the ingredients in the products I was investing my hard earned money into.... the products I was applying to my hair and skin as well as my daughters. Also my daughter had eczema and everything the dermatologist prescribed were not only expensive but were not effective at ALL.  We all know the origin of  most of the ingredients in things we use on a daily basis can not be easily identified without doing a little research.  At that point I said to myself ..self, if you cant identify what all of the ingredients on this list are why are you putting in on your skin and in your hair.  It is our belief that when it comes to your body always keep it simple. I became what some would call obsessed with finding natural alternatives in a chemically saturated world. I became more aware of what we were putting in and on our body.   I am not by any means a dietitian however over the years I have done extensive research on natural alternatives to hair and skin care and have been making and sharing my own natural products with my  family and friends for years. It wasn't until recently I was urged to share my jewels with the public and here we are my daughters by my side!  I leave you with this thought, God gave us everything we need to live a healthy life, he gave us knowledge and nature, lets take it back to the basics.  

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